Cambodia Visa for US Citizens

Throughout the 20th century, Cambodia was strife with conflict, both internal and external. The horrors of the Vietnam war and the reign of the barbaric Khmer Rouge inflicted deep wounds on the country and its people.

Although these events were less than a century ago Cambodia has experienced a rebirth as a country developing into a place where peace rules the day, something that would’ve seemed impossible some 50 years ago.

Once almost as isolated as North Korea, Cambodia now has a robust tourism industry fueled by visitors who want to experience truly authentic culture and people, in addition to a bevy of historic sites and temples, including the world-famous Angkor Wat.

Sound pretty good?

Getting a Cambodian visa for US citizens has never been easier, as a US Citizen and with an electronic visa you do not even have to go through the traditional embassy process!

E-Visa Overview:

Starting in 2006 the Cambodian government began offering electronic visas for potential visitors in an effort to boost the country’s growing tourism industry.

The E-Visa is run by a third party company. The simplified process works as such: simply complete the online application form, complete payment (no more than 99EUR). The E-visa company will then mail you an E-Visa travel document, which simply needs to be printed out.

Traditionally Cambodian visa for US Citizens would be a much more intensive process, which really makes these E-visa programs so innovative.

What You’ll Need:

In order to complete a successful E-visa application, you will need three things.

A scanned copy of a valid US passport, a digital passport photo, and a working credit/debit card or a pay pal account.

Using I-Visa’s online calculator, a single person applying for a Cambodian visa that is active for 90 days (before renewal)

Visa fee as well as a 90EUR processing fee.

Things to note:

Visa for US citizens requirements, regarding specifically E-Visa’s entail the following.

A prospective applicants passport must be active for six months from the date of your planned entry into Cambodia.

It is also important to note that E-Visa’s are valid for tourism purposes only (do not use any E-Visa site for work visa related purposes).

E- visa’s are valid for 90 days after being issued, and for a maximum stay in Cambodia of 30 days.

If you should wish to renew your visa for another 30 days, you must contact a local immigration office or a police station.

Traditional processing time for an E-visa is around four days, however, for an additional fee, your E-visa can be super rushed and should arrive in approximately 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Is the Cambodian E-visa for single entry, or multiple entries?

A: Cambodia E-Visa comes with single entry only.

Q: Can I travel to Cambodia with a refugee travel document instead of a passport?

A: Unfortunately no, you must possess a valid passport to enter Cambodia.

Q: May I apply for an E-visa after arriving in Cambodia?

A: No you must have your E-visa documents with you when entering Cambodia.

With the simplicity of an E-visa, a trip to wonderful Cambodia is only a few clicks away.

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