Cambodia visa requirements

If you are looking to go to Cambodia as a tourist, or go for health or business purposes, then this article is definitely for you. This article is about traveling to Cambodia and what are the Visa requirements to enter it legally.

Is there something specific that you need to know or is it easy to get a Visa?

All of these questions and more additional information will be provided here.

Cambodia is an excellent choice for tourism. The main reason why is because of its location. It has been chosen by thousands of tourists who visit it annually and some of them actually like to go back because they really enjoyed it.

Cambodia is located in the Southeast part of Asia. It has tons of monuments, parks, and museums that can be visited and the most iconic thing about is that they can all be covered during your trip.

Cambodia has a lot of things that are truly remarkable and they are the perfect example of the Asian culture. Things like the Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, The Independence Tower, The French Tower, and The Golden Lion are just a few of the long list of monuments that tourists want to visit while they stay in the country.

How exactly can you go to the country and enter it legally?

This can happen with a Visa, as just like most of the countries, Cambodia has different contracts and negotiations with other countries to allow foreign citizens to visit.

There are different types of Visa

There are Visas that can be issued on the airport upon arrival. That is the most common type of Visa that foreign citizens prefer. This type of Visa that is issued on the airport can be tourist and business.

There is also the eVisa that has exclusive opportunities for some countries such as Afghanistan, Algeria, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. Citizens from these countries can buy such type of Visa online.

The eVisa is available for almost all of the countries in the world, such as countries from Asia, Europe, Australia or Africa. All of them can also buy a Visa upon arrival.

Just like other countries, there are exceptions for various countries

The countries that are exempt from Visa are nine in total. Citizens from Brunei, Seychelles and Thailand can stay up to 14 days, while citizens from the rest of the countries can stay in Cambodia up to 30 days.

It’s not so hard to apply for Visa at the airport. As long as your passport is valid and doesn’t expire in the next six months, it is highly likely that you will receive the document.

Whether it’s one of the above-mentioned monuments or the beaches, Cambodia has a lot of places that tourists love to visit time and time again.

Regardless of the season, visiting Cambodia is always a great idea. Not to mention that getting a Visa is not that hard at all and it’s made super easy for tourists.

Do US citizens need a visa for Cambodia

Many people in the US love to travel, and if you are one of those, I am sure Cambodia is on your go-to list of places to visit. If you are traveling through South East Asia, you should not miss this land of ancient temples and abundant natural beauty.

However, when you travel from one country to another, you do have to keep international travel rules and regulations in mind.

Visa Requirements for Cambodia

Do US citizens need a visa for Cambodia? Yes, you do need a Cambodian visa if you want to visit Cambodia. If you are staying in Cambodia for less than two months, you can apply for a tourist visa. If you aim to stay for more than two months, you should opt for an ordinary e-visa.

The good news is that you have multiple options to apply for a visa. You can choose one of the following:

  • Apply online for a visa by filling in the online application form and making the payment. The visa will come via email.
  • Apply in person at the Cambodian embassy
  • Get a visa on arrival at airports like Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and other major ports of entry into Cambodia.

Requirements for Visa on Arrival

The visa on arrival is a paperless electronic process, and you will have to submit your fingerprints to the border officials. You will also need the following:

  • Two-color passport-sized photographs. They should be 4 cm x 6 cm.
  • A valid passport with minimum six months’ validity from the date of arrival in Cambodia

This passport will be valid for one month, and the visa fee is $30.

A Word of Caution

If your visa expires before you leave Cambodia, then the immigration authorities will place a fine of $10 for each day that you overstay. You may even be arrested if you stay on for an extended period on charges of violating immigration laws and may be deported on your own expense.

If this happens, any future visits to Cambodia will be forbidden.

You must be cautious about following visa rules and also obtain the latest visa information from the embassy or official Cambodian website.

Visa Extensions

After getting a visa on arrival, if you wish to stay beyond the one-month period, you must apply to extend your visa. This can be done for three, six, or twelve months. If you take an extension of three months, the visa will be single-entry.

The six and twelve months extensions are multiple entry visas, that is, you can travel out of Cambodia and return using the same visa.

The extensions of visa make Cambodia an easy place to stay on if you like, but exercise caution about complying with the visa regulations properly, so that you are on the right side of the law.

There is much to see and do in Cambodia, and if you have a valid visa, you should fully enjoy the sights of this beautiful little country nestled between Thailand and Vietnam!